How To Optimize Contact Forms For Conversion

On June 26, 2013, in Landing Page, by Bart Hulst

Contact forms come in different shapes and sizes and are often not appreciated by your site or landing page visitor. Sometimes to questions ask do not seem relevant at all or are even of a personal nature. We all probably remember the last time you closed a browser window because you did not want to leave that many details on a form to get the document or tool you were so interested in at first.

So why do you fill out the form for an airline loyalty scheme or other program even when they ask for all your details except for your shoe size? Because you want to have what they have to offer – in this case discounts, points and other benefits.

Offer compelling content. One of the key points to optimize contact form conversion – the most important actually – is to make sure you offer compelling content that your visitors really wants to have.

Be clear. Explain clearly what the visitor will get when they fill out the form, don’t add a long list of checkboxes for different other options, and position the form on the left or right hand side (right hand side is the preferred) using a different background color or box around your form. And do not forget to clearly highlight the required fields.

Short is better. Focus on the most relevant information you want to capture. Some reports have shown a 30% reduction in response rate by adding one required field beyond name, company and email address. Adding a phone number can reduce the response rate by as much as 5%.

If you want to add fields to pre-qualify a lead ask for generic information (e.g. number of employees vs. annual revenue).

Don’t use Submit. Instead of having your web form’s submit button say “Submit,” have it remind the visitor what it is they’re doing, like “Download White Paper” or “Register for Seminar” or even better, let the user know of the advantages of filling out this form.

Follow up. Respond directly via email after a visitor has submitted your form. Include a link to the document or event better attach it to the email. If it is a request for contact, send a confirmation and contact them in a timely fashion as well, preferably within an hour!

TIP: Once a visitor has submitted your contact form what’s next? Are you just showing them a simple message saying “thank you”? That is very friendly but actually a missed opportunity as well. Do include the thank you message but offer the visitor to follow you on social media as well or subscribe to you newsletter or so…


Contact Form Optimization infographic:

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